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2016-02-29 19:39:10

Mother Language Week at MG

Mother tongue is not the language we speak,
it is the language that we think and dream in.

In order to cherish and emphasise the importance of mother tongue learning and on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day we organised interesting activities at our school library within the Mother Language Week from February 18th until February 29th.

Nomen est Omen
Your Name Is Important - Teaching in the Intercultural Classroom

E5 and MYP1 students, under the guidance of our librarian Ms. Ina Tomic, investigated the meanings and origins of their names in order to establish their own personal histories and to explore cultural significance of naming traditions. The students found out many interesting facts about their names from their parents and then shared details about their own name story.

Students to Students
Mother Language Courses in the School Library

Our students - Yuxuan, Hui Di and Pinar Ece organised the Mother Language Courses in the school library and taught second and third graders of the national and international programme the basics of their mother language - Chinese and Turkish. The students were great and motivated teachers and their enthusiasm triggered the students' interest for language learning.