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2016-01-22 12:58:19

Around The World Installations & 4 R's Principle

The project "Around the World Installations Using 4 R's Principle" injected green design ideas into the promotion of our annual project within the school interior. This Design unit increased the students' sensitivity in applying environmentally friendly design issues.

The students' task was to design and make an installation to symbolise and promote our annual project "Around the World" using 4 R's principle (Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle). MYP1 students first discussed the meaning of recycling and how recycling can improve our standard of living while fostering respect for environment in which we live.

They collected ordinary items that might be considered trash (plastic bottles, plastic caps, pieces of wood, cardboard boxes, old furniture items, tetra packs, cans, old CDs), reshaped them applying the proper techniques.

Check out our photo gallery to see how MYP1 students resourcefully turned trash into treasure.

Linda Zelic