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2015-12-04 15:46:24

Shalom - Piece Be With You

On the eve of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, on December 2nd the E5 and MYP1 students, under the guidance of their Religion teacher Ms. Tatjana Sanko, visited the Bet Israel Jewish Community.

Although we have many times talked about the oldest monotheist religion, now we got an opportunity to learn at first hand. Many documents of the Second Vatican Council (Nostra Aetate) emphasise the significance of getting to know different people, nations and religions by leading a dialogue with them.

In a very pleasant atmosphere of the synagogue community our host, Ms Julia Kos described the intensive religious life with many religious ceremonies and prayers, especially in a holiday season. We found out that Hanukkah has been celebrated for eight days and every day one candle is lit on a candlestick named Hanukiah.

Enriched with a positive experience we can conclude our first encounter with the Jewish religion by words of St. John: "Who does not love, does not know God". These words are not reserved only for members of the Church but are directed to all people.

Tatjana Sanko