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2015-12-18 13:37:47

Visit to the Children's Home

On December 8th our school visited the Children's Home "Alojzije Stepinac" in Brezovica, carrying the Christmas gifts donated by the students, parents and teachers of our school. In Brezovica there are children with special needs requiring extra care. We interacted and had workshops with these children. We also talked, laughed with them and it was very fun. We also learned about their way of life, school and routines.

We had a short tour at the beginning of the visit. We saw their rooms, where they live, learn, watch TV, have fun etc. The children there were so happy to see us, they were very loving and polite. Even the smallest things, such as our visit can make these children happy. It is interesting how even despite their disabilities they are so much like us.

We hope we will see them again and fill their hearts with joy as they filled our hearts.

Dora and Tasha, MYP3

Here are some impressions of our friends upon the visit:

In Brezovica I had fun. The kids were very nice to us and we made Christmas cards together. We hung those cards on the wall in one of their rooms in the form of a Christmas tree.

Lilia, MYP3

In Brezovica I had fun with kids there and my friends. After the fun workshops, we ate, we played around and had fun with everyone there. I had a very good time with them.

Zahra, MYP3

When I came to the Children's Home in Brezovica everything was telling me that I would have a good time. When I came in and saw the children there I was crying of happiness. First thing we did there was playing football with some kids. After having a good time playing football with the children there, I wanted to see other children around the house. In the Children's Home in Brezovica you can feel love, happiness, fun and a lot of care. I hope the children will come to the return visit to our school and of course have fun with us!

Roko, MYP