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2015-12-17 15:17:45

Caps Of Love

Community project is a service & action activity we are required to do in MYP 3 (8th grade) throughout the whole year. Our class is yet the first one to perform this kind of project and both students and teachers don't know what to expect.

The main goal of the community project is to give real meaning to the service learning we do at school. It gives us an opportunity to develop awareness of needs in various communities and address those needs through service learning. It engages us to help someone, interact and solve the problem, instead of sitting in front of the computer and writing essays about it.

Community project can be done individually or in small groups, topics are chosen by students, but they must be approved by the IB supervisor teachers. The outcome of the community project might be a campaign, an essay, a book, a charity event, a debate, a film, a radio broadcast, a petition, a workshop for adults or an original work of art.

This year, for my community project, I chose to help by starting up a campaign, not only in our school, but also in major institutions in Zagreb. My goal is to collect plastic bottle caps for UOLL institution to later change them into cures for children with leukemia. In addition to the humanitarian goal, there is also an environmental goal to be addressed. If we don't recycle the plastic caps they are burnt and left on our landfills. During my campaign I would like to introduce this program to our school and later share it to other schools in Zagreb.

If you have any plastic caps at home, please bring them to our school! Every single cap helps!

Thank you!

Karolina, MYP3