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2015-11-30 15:23:18

Visit to the Centre for Autism

On November 26th the MYP students visited the Centre for Autism as a part of the Service as Action programme. The children and stuff welcomed us warmly and surprised us with the creative workshops - Communication Skills Workshop where we learnt how to get to know each other better and Winter Art Workshops where we made Christmas decorations using the felting technique.

The atmosphere was very cheerful and festive, and we were most impressed by the warmth and love they welcomed us with that day. We are thankful for every minute spent together with them.

Here are some impressions of our students upon the visit:

It gave us an opportunity to talk and interact with children who are a little bit different than us. I enjoyed it very much and had a great time there.
Karolina, MYP3

We all had so much more fun than what we expected, as the kids were really cheerful and fun to be with.
Elena, MYP3

I really liked our visit to the Centre for Autism because I learnt that we are all the same no matter our mental state. I made friends with a girl called Maja. I also enjoyed making Christmas ornaments from wool.
Ana, MYP1

Our visit to the Centre of Autism was really fun. We got to meet a lot of children. Most of them had problems with studying and we communicated with them, so it helped them. We all made friends and talked with them. The children were really polite and were happy that we spent a day with them.
Ea, MYP1

It was great! We did different workshops with the kids and got to know them. I really liked going there because I learnt about the way they learn and how they interact with other people. I really enjoyed spending time with the kids they made my day. I would really like to go again!
Amber, MYP2

We had a lot of fun. We also met new friends. The kids there were nice to us.
Ana, MYP2

We were having fun with the kids, making ornaments and doing stuff we never do. I really, really want to thank them for being kind to us and wishing them good luck.
Roko, MYP2

Ina Tomic