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2015-10-26 16:23:15

Around The World: Find Three Mysterious Objects

The field trip task for MYP2 Croatian language acquisition students was rather simple: "Find three mysterious objects". Found objects are objects that inspire, reinforce, enhance and commemorate not only students' thinking but writing as well.

MYP2 students have completed their own writing comic projects and participated in a "gallery walk" of two class's finished exhibitions: "Souvenirs around the World" and "The Smells And Tastes Around The World".

A final reflection paper will articulate students' takeaways from the project and should articulate feelings of inspiration and insightful perspectives on the experience of creating found object comics.

Although the first idea was to write the fairytale and we ended up with comics, our imagination was off and running and that is always the best part.

Barbara Cicmak