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2015-11-11 21:09:57

Night At The Library

On November 6th eighteen students of national and international programme spent the night at the library. MYP students - Ana, Ea, Ema, Jadran, Katarina, Lucija and Lovro along with the students of the national programme gathered around 8:30 pm and settled in the library. Around 9 pm Sanja Polak, our favourite writer arrived and generously spent time with us. We enjoyed our conversation and learned a lot from her.

During the long evening we organized the creative writing workshop, called Magical Library, the Poetry Night and Stand-up Comedy. The students delighted us with their poetry and their sense of humour. After the regular programme, students socialized, had fun, watched films and played board games. The last voices whispering under the covers fell silent around 2 am. In the morning, a delicious breakfast awaited us. After putting away our beds (mattresses) and tidying up the library, we happily headed home, enriched by a wonderful experience.

Here are some experiences of our students:

The Night at the Library was amazing. We were reading our poetry which we did in pairs and it was a lot of fun. Sanja Polak came to visit us. We talked with her about literature and how she became an author. We ate pizza and presented some comedy. Before sleeping we watched a movie. When we woke up we went to breakfast and had fun. I wish that we could have the Night at the Library on more time!

Ea, MYP1

The Night at the Library was extraordinary. We had so much fun. We made some new friends. I learnt a lot of new things and realized that we had to read every day and how reading had good influence on us. I hope I get a chance to spend a Night at the Library again.

Ema, MYP1

The Night at the Library was great! It was fun, I enjoyed every minute on that special event.

Lucija, MYP2

The Night at the Library was so much fun. Everybody enjoyed, especially talking with Sanja Polak. I made friends with some girls from the national programme of our school. The breakfast and dinner was very tasty. I wish to have another Night at the Library again and to make it longer!

Ana, MYP1

It was great, we talked with the writer Sanja Polak and we learnt a lot. We wrote short stories, read poetry, read jokes and watched movies. It was fun and it taught me a lot of things.

Jadran, MYP1

I really liked The Night at the Library. It was very fun listening Sanja Polak because she told us very interesting stories about herself. It was kind of hard writing the stories, but I liked listening to them.

Katarina, MYP1

I loved The Night at the Library. We did many fun things like writing our stories and reading our poems. It all seemed like a big party and we had very much fun.

Lovro, MYP2

Ina Tomic