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2012-02-25 13:36:49

Bloom, Not Boom

This school year the major Community and Service project has been carried out under the slogan “Bloom, Not Boom”. The main goal of the project is raising funds for eliminating mine suspected areas in Croatia in order to reach the deadline – Croatia to be mine-free by 2019. The slogan “Bloom, Not Boom” has been smartly devised by Ana (MYP3) and the logo has been inventively designed by Eva Lotta (MYP3).

The project is designed to embrace numerous integrated days/lessons, community and service events, workshops, project presentations, round table discussions, fairs and cultural events throughout the academic year. One of these planned events was the fundraising tombola organised on February 21st. MYP3 students held several educational presentations and presented their flyers and brochures in order to increase our sensibility to the mine problem. The tombola was being run in a friendly and fun atmosphere with the prizes that had been kindly donated in advance by the students, their parents and teachers. It has already become a tradition that each year every child wins a prize at MG fundraising tombola since we always have such an enthusiastic response from all participants. The tombola has been a big fundraising success and we collected 1.600 HRK for demining of Croatia. We celebrated it with donuts and a real chocolate fountain! E5 and MYP class representatives went to the post office to deposit the money into the Croatian Mine Action Centre bank account.

Since the Project’s launch in September 2011, we have collected 2.800 HRK. The cost of demining is priced at 7.76 HRK (+ tax) per square metre. The collected sum will be used to cover the expenses relating to reduction of mine suspected area for approximately 300 square metres in Kopački rit and National Park Velebit. We would like to thank all the students and their parents for generous contribution and enthusiastic support! Thank You! We are still counting on You as our project is to be continued …

Linda Zelić & Ina Tomić