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2015-10-23 17:23:37

Fairytale With A Genuine Taste And Smell

Post-field trip assignment: Croatian and Math Joint Lessons

During the Croatian and Math joint classes MYP1 students brought the authentic objects collected during their field trip to Kvarner and described how they look, smell, feel, look and taste. Inspired by their impressions they were supposed to write an imaginative Fairytale with a genuine taste and smell.

Math lessons expanded the creative writing assignment and the students applying the scientific method tried to realise whether closing the nose (blocking the sensation of smell) had an effect on taste. They expressed their finding in the tables and graphs. Some of the investigation questions were: What does the t-test say about the statistical significance of this difference in the perception of taste? Is the taste really affected or is it the flavour?

Unusual way to connect Language and Math lessons, don't you think so?

Barbara Cicmak & Svjetlana Keser