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2012-02-20 10:56:30

Educational trip to the past

We found out that the National and University Library in Zagreb is the oldest library on the Balkan Peninsula. The National and University Library in Zagreb is also the biggest with 5 floors and 3 000 000 books. The five floors are divided into certain areas. Some of them are Math, Geography, Music, Art, Technology and Science. We started from the first floor, went up to the 4th floor and then went downwards. The guide said that there are also some floors underground which hold old manuscripts and writings dating back form the 14 century. We watched a great PowerPoint presentation about the oldest known Slavic alphabet - the Glagolitic alphabet. We all had a great time!

Teo, MYP1

Our impressions:

It was nice and good.
Selcuk, MYP1

The trip was an educational trip to the past! We enjoyed every moment!
Ružica, MYP1

I liked the trip very much!
Greta, MYP1

I liked the trip. It was educational.
Eva, MYP1

The trip was very educational and I learned new things.
Tony, MYP1

I wish we can go again.
Sara, MYP1

The trip was very nice and fun. Although it was as hot as in Sahara.
Laura, MYP1

I learnt more about Croatian culture.
Xiaojing, MYP1

I really liked the trip, it was very fun, interesting and at the same time it was educational.
Nora, MYP1