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2015-10-14 12:22:24

Croatian Book Month and International School Library Month

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Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

Croatian Book Month and International School Library Month will be marked in our school library with a lot of activities, such as making bookmarkers, visiting the Interliber Book Fair, Night at the Library, Word of the Day, visiting Public Libraries...

Let's see together what we have prepared.

  • Night at the Library

  • Students and librarians will spend one night at the library where they will attempt to think up and tell their own bedtime stories and see what it is like to sleep over in a world of books.

  • Meeting a writer

  • We'll meet with a writer in the library and talk about his works and his life.
    Which writer? Surprise !!!

  • Sharing fairy tales

  • The students will share their favourite childhood memories by telling young students stories that they heard when they were their age.

  • Bookmark Project

  • Students will be given the task to create creative Bookmarkers. Bookmarkers can be of different shapes, colors and themes.

  • Word of the Day

  • To enrich students' vocabulary, the librarians got an idea to set up four dictionaries during the Book Month, two in English, two in Croatian. Each day, the first student to enter the library chooses the word of the day, which is then displayed on the board and the school website.
    The aim is to help students learn as many new words as possible and use them in everyday life.

  • Book-o-meter

  • Students can use the book-o-meter to leave their comment about a book they read. That way we can keep track of what they read and like.

  • Workshop: What is a book?

  • During this workshop, our 3rd graders will learn about the basic parts of a book, and at the end, they will get to create their own little book.

  • Book Fair

  • This year, as always, we will visit Interliber, the largest Book Fair in Croatia, and find out about the newest Croatian and international publications.

  • Book Collecting Action

  • Within the Service as Action we are organizing the Book Collecting Action for the school library. If you have some extra books or picture books that may be useful to our students, we would appreciate if you could donate them to the library by the end of November.

    We would like to emphasize that we are not collecting only books in the English language, but in your native languages as well.
    Our aim is to support the "Language and Cultural Enrichment Corner" at our school library, that is still small but your donations may help make it more diverse and attractive.

  • Visit to a Public Library

  • During the Book Month, students will visit one public library, and learn the basic difference between school and public libraries.

    We expect to see you in the library!

    Yours school librarians :
    Irena & Ina