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2015-06-12 10:09:58

Volunteering at School

During the school year, several International program students assisted lower grade students with English and Math. Thank you to all students for finding the time to help their new friends to master new materials. Please read below what our volunteers say about volunteering and Service as Action at our school.

The merits of voluntering are quite visible. Voluntering is good because it is an easy way for people to help others in their day to day life. The MYP curriculum is designed to encourage students and parents to volunter without forcing them. Volunteering is the bedrock of the MYP program and to further extent, society. We should all chip in and not only volunteer but also informally help one another. Because the MYP program encourages the philosophy of "If everyone helps everyone, everyone gets helped."

Alex, MYP3

In the IB program we learn to get active in our community. We get motivated to do volunteer work and help the community in as many ways as possible. We can help by volunteering to help at soup kitchens, cleaning Sljeme even visiting homes with autistic children and brightening up their day. I personally think that this part of the IB program is very helpful and educational because it helps us learn and makes us into better people. By volunteering we learn about the less fortunet and it is one of the best feelings in the world to visit someone that needs company or helping to prepare food for the hungry. It's these little acts of kindness that can change everything! By starting to get active in the community at a young age it influences us to do good deeds and be good people in the future, and the world needs more good people. But these acts of kindness don't need to be something great or grand, you can tutor a friend or student at the school and already be making a big difference, the gift of knowledge is plenty right there. For the past few months I have tutored some children from the national program in math and English and not only did I make good relationships with them but even more importantly I helped them and thought them and in a matter of a few weeks they were showing lots of improvement and getting better grades. You can start of by helping your neighbor carry groceries, because every deed counts.

Nika, MYP3

As I volunteer here at my school by helping a 2nd grade boy with his English language. I teach him mostly new words and how to pronounce them. For me this activity is great because I help someone and have fun at the same time. I think that the volunteering activity is a very good thing and that more students from the International school should participate in it. I hope that my student learns a lot from my lessons.

Ridvan, MYP2

After my regular lessons, every Wednesday I help a second grade little boy to practice and learn mathematics. The little boy and I learn through playing and we have a lot of fun. I help him solve tasks and I help him with his homework. I always prepare some fun and educative games for him to play, this helps him memorize the times table and improves his speed in math. We have a lot of fun and this helps him to be better in math. I think that the boy I am tutoring has improved a lot and I am happy I got to help this boy. I think volunteering in the school is very good because I help a little boy learn and I also have fun spending time with the little boy.

Tasha, MYP2