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2015-05-04 19:22:29

Book Collecting Action

Dear Students and Parents,

Within the Service as Action we are organizing the Book Collecting Action for the school library. If you have some extra books or picture books that may be useful to our students, we would appreciate if you could donate them to the library by the end of May.

We would like to emphasize that we are not collecting only books in the English language, but in your native languages as well. Our aim is to support the "Language and Cultural Enrichment Corner" at our school library, that is still small but your donations may help make it more diverse and attractive.

Besides books we would like to collect children games. If you have some interesting children group games such as Monopoly, Risk, Domino, Chess and Puzzles we would kindly ask you to bring them to the school library so our students can spend their free time playing and having fun.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ina Tomic