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2016-12-01 10:33:36

Popular play “A je to” in Trešnja Theatre

On 24 November, PYP students visited Trešnja Theatre with their teachers.
We saw a play "A je to" or "Pat & Mat in Croatian Adventure".

Originally, Pat & Mat is a Czechoslovakian, silent, animated series made by director Lubomir Beneš and illustrator VladimÍr Jiránek. It is forty years old and still one of the worldwide known animated hits. The first episode was broadcasted in 1976 and it is still popular today. How is that possible?
Clumsy handymen and innovators as actors in realistic situations, ridiculous, unusual and "creative" problem solving, gestures and funny acting... Maybe that's the secret formula of this long-lived scenario. It was watched by generations as a television series and obviously, kids like it.

This time, in Croatian production, we saw an adaptation of the cartoon in the form of a theater play. Pat & Mat, the best friends and neighbors saw a last minute weekend arrangement to spend at Adriatic coast. They quickly agreed about the trip because that was exactly what they needed. Everything went wrong when they started preparing for the trip to Croatia.

Many students and teachers from different schools came to watch the show. It was crowded, lively and fun.

Here are some of the students' opinions:

Ena: "A je to" is funny. It is cool and happy. I loved the play. My favorite part was when one of them fell out of the car. You should go and watch it.

Leon: It was very funny and the movements were pretty good. My favorite part was when they were turning the boat and couldn't go out.

Maria: This show was quite funny but boring because they weren't talking at all. My favorite part was when they were travelling.

Emanuel: I liked "A je to". The best part is when he fell from the car.

Anton: My favorite part was when the song started. The funniest part was when the Red One carried the Yellow One.

Gea: I liked the show. It was funny but on some parts it was boring. The funniest part for me was when they were watching TV at the beginning.

Fran: The show was a little funny. The funniest part of the show is when they listen to music. I didn't like the show because a lot of children were screaming.

Marit: I liked the part where they had to fix the car. The play was pretty similar to the cartoon. It was also really realistic.

Nikolas: I liked "A je to" because it was funny. My favorite part is when they listened to the radio.

Nina: Meni se svidjelo kad su prolili sve stvari! A nije mi se svidjelo vikanje druge djece.

Lukas: I really didn't like the show because the little kids were all the time laughing. It was funny to me when they were going outside, on the wind.

Ivica: "A je to" was funny but little kids were shouting. I am curious how they moved the parts of the stage.

Nico: "A je to" is a little bit funny! "A je to" is for toddlers. It makes kids laugh. It was a little bit boring.

Marta: The funniest moment was when the car stopped and they were singing songs.