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2017-03-20 18:51:58

Our Visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant

On Thursday we visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant. There we saw dirty water that 10 years ago went to river Sava.

First we saw dirty water in big pools. Next is the pool with micro-animals called water bears, which eat the organic matter in the waste water. Water then goes through the final process of cleaning. Water is in the open storage which holds a second degree of clean water which can be either reused in parks, gardens, on farms, school grounds or it can be discharged back to a river or a creek. We need to treat the waste to get rid of chemicals in the water as it kills fish and bugs living in creeks and rivers.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is important because the dirty water comes from the sewer and the Treatment Plant reuses the dirty water and makes new clean water.

Fran K., PYP 3