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2017-02-15 13:44:26

Are you ready for some skiing?!

PYP's Ski Trip 2017, Appelhoff, Austria

On Sunday, 22 of January, 2017, students of Matija Gubec Primary School went to Austria to ski. We were traveling for four hours and came to a hotel Appelhoff, just in time for lunch. After we had lunch, we got settled into our rooms, and in the evening we had a "disco night" where we met our ski teachers.

On Monday morning, after breakfast, we took our skis and separated into groups, joined by our ski teachers. It was time for some skiing, finally!

Ready or not, here comes Tuesday and after a long and fun day on the ski slopes, we went to the pool to have some fun. After dinner it was movie time, both PYP 2 and 4, watched Spy Kids 2.

Wednesday arrived, and we had another sunny and fun day on the Austrian ski slopes. Later on, after we got back to the hotel, cleaned up and rested, we went on a Ski-do, a very, very fast ride, on the electric sleigh. Whooo-hooo!! Like we did not have enough speed for a day, we also went sledding that evening!

On Thursday morning, it was a little chilly on the slopes, but still it was our last day skiing and we enjoyed it. That evening, all our classes met at the castle and got ski diplomas and medals, which means that we successfully completed a course of skiing.

At last, Friday came and it was time to head home. We stopped for a short tour of an Austrian town called Mariazell, and came back to school at 16 o'clock. We hugged our parents and went home.

We made many fond memories which shall be cherished forever, and that means, our 2017 ski trip was a blast!

Mia, Sofija and Mihael
PYP 4 students