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2016-10-07 10:04:59

The Creativity Project

Given that this is the year in which we are transitioning to the PYP, we are putting our best efforts to start understanding and implementing all the attributes of a PYP school, from the beginning. In other words, what do we want students to feel, value and demonstrate in order to adress their academic, social and emotional needs?

By providing students with the PYP Attitudes, we're giving them a base from which they begin to develop their own values and sense of character. Integrity, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Empathy, Tolerance, Cooperation, Creativity, Independence, Commitment, Curiosity, Confidence and Respect are the Attitudes that we are going to try to interpret, model and incorporate during the school year.

In this project, we focused on CREATIVITY. We believe that practicing creative thinking will benefit not only their approach to school task, but problem solving skills as well. We challenged our students to think "outside the box", and to create a GAME out of recycled materials. With the help of their imagination and some DIY skills, they have done a fantastic job and have created games that are a great addition to our Classroom Game Corner! They were pretty proud of themselves.

Look at the pictures to see their creative work.