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2016-12-22 13:54:17

Christmas Show

As we sang on December 15, we've been waiting for nearly a year to perform on stage again. This year, we have decided to offer our version of the world-famous Christmas poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark Moore, adapted for stage by Matthew White, Susannah Pearse and Ana Sanderson. Our Christmas show was directed and organized by the PYP teachers.

The children have been practicing diligently for months for the great event. They sang, learned lyrics, lines and moves. They did their best to adapt to their roles and to keep a sense of community and cooperation while practicing. Students helped and advised each other constantly, working along with teachers as well by giving valuable suggestions and presenting own ideas. The teachers, on the other hand, did all they could to lead the young actors, dancers and choir properly and to prepare a scenography and costumes worthy of such a performance.

It must be said that we have not been so lucky with our cast this year, as many of our actors got sick on the day of the show. Still, it did not discourge any of the children. Our brave students decided to hop on stage at the last minute, in order to replace the absent actors and make it possible for the show to go on. For this, all of the Drama crew is ever so greateful. Just like we are greateful to the ones who were sick, and could not perform on stage, but had put so much effort practicing in the previous months.

As we feel it is not fair that the original actors did not get a chance to perform in front of an audience, a rerun has been organized for school students to attend.