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2016-10-10 17:30:41

Our School Is Our Community - Investigating Knežija

Knežija is our community; it is our school neighbourhood. Before we took a walk around it, we had brainstormed about what the term "neighbourhood" means in general.
So what is a neighbourhood?

The PYP2 students explained that a neighbourhood is one small area within a city or town. It consists of streets, roads and buildings on streets that run near each other. Some neighbourhoods have small houses. Some neighbourhoods have larger houses. Some neighbourhoods have rows of apartment buildings. Many neighbourhoods also contain a grocery store, a library, doctors' offices, a gas station, a school, a post office, or a hospital. They might have a playground or a swimming pool. A neighbourhood is a place where some people live, some people work, and some people play. A neighbourhood is a community. The people who live in a neighbourhood are neighbours. They live next door to each other. They live across the hall and across the street from each other. They might work at the stores and other businesses in the neighbourhood. Sometimes they know each other. Other times, they do not.

Our school is located in the neighbourhood of Knežija. We took a walk around Knežija to see where its buildings, streets and other useful locations are.

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