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2015-03-30 12:02:08

Doing Big Formats

This school year our art project is called Big Formats.
We are doing a special piece of art on a large piece of paper. The students work in groups or individually. They are allowed to do it whenever they have free time, time for fun or when they are in the mood to do some art work.
The main goal of this work is to do big format paintings which, we think, are poorly presented in a daily routine. The purpose is to improve art skills, students' patience and creativity during art teamwork and mutual respect of the group members.
The students also learned to work hard on their tasks and plan their activity; they understood the concept of organized work and their constant effort. One of the leading ideas was to follow some of art pieces made by great artists, such as: Picasso, Hundertwasser, Kandinsky, Mondrian etc., who were working on their masterpieces for a longer period of time.
Teamwork, collaboration, ideas sharing, work planning and other necessary elements for a complex art activity simply cannot be finished in 45 or 90 minutes. We did a few paintings and we are continuing to work diligently.
So, take a look.

Here are some of the students' thoughts on the project:

I like when we do art together because we can do a lot of things and everybody works together. The pictures we do have something done by every person in the class.

I feel relaxed and happy. Every time I feel tired that makes me relaxed. We are doing this to have fun and talk to friends while we are making something nice. We do team work and we do not fight. It takes us about one and a half week to do that kind of a painting. During this time we learn how to use ink and many different types of art materials.

We are doing this is because we need to learn new somethings, but we need fun to. So art time is the BEST time.

David Z.:
I feel good when we do art. We do art for fun and to learn art techniques. We use a pencil, tempera and ink or different things for detailing. I learnt how to use ink.

Lucijana and Nika:
We think that this kind of work is beautiful and it is very creative. We are doing this because we wanted a class art work that we all helped make. We learnt that we have to be precise and work hard.

When we do art I feel relaxed and I let creativity flow. We are doing this because it is fun. We used many techniques and it would take about 3 or 4 days or even a week to finish big formats. We have learned different techniques and how to paint and also that ink can be messy.

I feel great and creative when we have art. It makes me feel happy. I think the reason we are doing this kind of work is to expand our creativity. The techniques we use for art are very cool. We use lots of techniques like doing hand prints and colouring them also like making robots. We learned that we have to try harder and then is going to be perfect.