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2014-02-07 17:05:10

Celebrating the School Day

For our School Day we dedicated a whole week to the character of Matija Gubec. He was a Croatian revolutionary, best known as a leader of the Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt.

First day we watched the Matija Gubec Rock Opera and we wrote a letter to a friend. On the second day we talked about the history of our school and about the character of Matija Gubec. We also played old games, such as tug, carrying eggs and the ring. The third day was fun too. We wrote a scenario and made costumes for our Peasant revolt. We didn't forget about maths either. Games "Bomb" and "Adding station" were fun and helpful with our adding and subtracting. On Thursday we were singing songs and doing some arts and crafts. Friday was the best day for us. We chose our own Matija Gubec and had our own Peasant revolt play.

Take a look at our pictures to see what we did and how much fun we had!

Boravak teachers: Nehra Gadzo, Kate Gunjina, Vilma Pavic, Ivana Zuzic i Nikola Jagrovic