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2013-11-11 19:37:01

During the Book Month - WE READ!

This year during the Book Month we have dedicated the special attention to reading activities. We had a few reading workshops for the students in the lower grades. The students enjoyed listening to various stories and gladly participated in different activities after reading. The library was a fun and happy place.

Here are some students' comments:

I liked it when the teacher was reading a book.
Bartek, E1

We were listening to the song. I liked that the best.
Sabrina, E1

I loved it when we were sitting and drawing together.
Chiara, E1

I like the book very much and reading was OK.
Antonio, E2

I like the illustrations and colours.
Antea, E2

Bilo je jako lijepo u knjiznici. Jako mi se svidio bingo, kao i kviz. Bilo mi je ugodno slusati kako nam citaju pricu.
Nika, E3

Jako mi se svidjela aktivnost u knjiznici. Osobito sam se zabavio u igrama, u kvizu i bingu. Citanje price je bilo super.
David, E3

I liked it because it had a lot of drama and we had a chance to act.
Helena, E4

I really liked it because we were acting.
Ana, E4

I enjoyed it because we were doing drama and I was acting!
Ea, E4

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