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2018-05-25 12:52:16

Klokan bez granica - Math Contest

Just like every school year, a traditional math contest Klokan bez granica, was held in our school on March 22, 2008. The contest is organized by Croatian Math Society and the teachers from our school.

The intent for this international contest is to make math popular and to spread basic math culture in primary and middle schoools. The scores of the math contest are published on the web page of the Croatian Math Society. It states the scores of the students who participated in the contest and ranked in the top 10 %, in all Croatia.

We proudly announce names and scores of the contestants from our school.

We sincerely congratulate all of the students who participated in the contest. The PYP is particularly proud of Marta M., from PYP 3, and her excellent results in this contest.

Kategorija Pčelice:
JONA B. (2.b)
ADAM C. (2.b)

Kategorija Leptirići:
ANTUN D. (3.b)
GABRIEL R. (3.b)
EVA K. (3.c)
MARTA M. (3.c)
TIN M. (3.a)

Kategorija Ecolier:
LUCIJA A. (4.a)
HELENA R. (5.a)
PETRA T. (5.a)
BADU P. (5.c)
SARA S. (5.a)
ELA P. (4.b)
ANA KARLA V. (4.a)
LOVRO M. (5.b)

Kategorija Benjamin:
VAL D. (6.b)
ANTE M. (7.b)

Kategorija Cadet:
FRANKA L.(8.a)