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2017-03-20 18:16:36

Our Visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant

On Thursday we visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant. There we saw steps how to clean the water that will go back to river Sava or be used to wash the roads.

The first thing we saw there was the dirty water that is full of grease, big pieces, sand and small pieces. The first step of cleaning was getting out pieces bigger than 5 cm. The next step was getting out pieces smaller than 10 mm, and lastly the sand and grease. The water was then transported to a pool where some pumps were putting oxygen inside and micro-creatures called water bears which eat the dirty stuff. Now the water is in pools where with the help of the rockets electricity was being made. The final step was the water which is second-degree clean.

This whole process of cleaning is important because the water can now be transported back to Sava and it can be used to wash the roads. This process is very important for the fish living in creeks and rivers.

Gea L., PYP 3