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2017-02-17 13:06:58

Let's climb to the top!

Matija Gubec, Superman and Spiderman all in one place! And in our school!
Impossible? No, definitely not!

They are the heroes of all time, freedom and equality fighters, successful, ardent, caring and willing to give themselfs for others - fighters for the greater good.

On the day which is also celebrated as The Matija Gubec Primary and International School Day, Matija Gubec, Superman and Spiderman were embodied by four pupils from the national program who rose together to the top.

With the sounds of the Gubec-beg rock opera, three PYP pupils cut the ribbon and in that way officially opened the climbing wall. The heroes came back into the scene to send out their final message. "Let's climb to the top!"

We hope this will be the motto of all the pupils in our school who will, following this thought, successfully climb to the top of the climbing wall as well as the path of knowledge, doing good and being successful. These ideas were the message of one of the parents Mr Lukač who shared his thoughts with the present teachers and pupils. The climbing wall was donated to our school under the auspices of Metronet, the company run by Mr Lukač.