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2016-06-01 13:26:17

Cheerleading for Sports Day!

Like every year in our school, one day of the month of May has traditionally been reserved for celebrating Sports Day. This year we did no exeption, and on May 18th, we celebrated the importance of Sport and physical activity. As one can expect, it was certainly one of the most favourite day of the school year for all the students. Well, and for the teachers, too!

The long awaited sport match between Teachers and Parents was scheduled for the afternoon. Moms and some of the Teachers were playing volleyball, while the excitement was rising over Dads vs. Teachers soccer game.

We have decided that Moms, Dads AND Teachers will need some encouragement and what better way to provide that than with some proper cheerleading. So in Boravak, the students made some cheerleading equipment on their own. Like always, we used recycled materials, basic art supplies and of course, a little bit of imagination; colorful Pom-poms, clapping hands, pennants (flags), noise makers, all with positive slogans written on them. The girls even came up with a short cheerleading routine.

The game was a success, and with the amount of support and positive energy coming from the students, there were definitely no losers in the end!