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2015-10-19 17:19:05

What to do on rainy days

There is no doubt that autumn is now in the air: it's getting chilly outside, all the beautiful fall colours in the park, dry leaves on the ground, and...rain.

Lots of it! We had a bunch of cloudy and rainy days this last week. Those can sometimes put us in a sleepy and grumpy mood, so we turned it on the positive side, and tried to find something we enjoy and love doing during rainy and cloudy autumn days.

The students of E3, (even the "NO-rain fans"), came up with different answers, such as: "to cuddle up under a blanket and drink hot cocoa", "to stay at home and read books", "to wear rainboots and splash in puddles"... and they all wrote their answers on colourful umbrellas.

Add some DIY rain cloud made from cotton wool, cardboard and glitter, and you get perfect fun to spend a rainy afternoon and brighten the gloomy days!